Lot #1 Light American Ale

This easy drinking beer is light in color, body and alcohol, but not in flavor. With cracker notes and a slight hint of lemony citrus, this beer finishes bone dry. 4.7% ABV

Wata Wings Craft Lager

Our very own Craft Lager! A light and refreshing Mexican lager brewed with pilsner malt and maize. 4.9% ABV

Unstable Table Belgian Table Beer

A light bodied, easy drinking Belgian Ale with aromas of mango, citrus and clove. Low ABV and straw colored with a very mild malt character and a smooth, dry finish. 4.2% ABV

Stairway IPA

An aromatic West Coast IPA loaded with juicy and tropical fruit notes, supported by a moderate malty backbone. 7.3% ABV

Tropiclemente IPA

Prepare your senses for tropical fruit goodness! Packed with mango and passion fruit aromas, this IPA has a complex malt bill and is loaded with mouth awakening American hops. 6.7% ABV

Half Pipe Haze Hazy Pale Ale

This copper colored pale ale is rich in hop aroma and flavor with none of the bitterness! American noble hops produce flavors of apricot, papaya, and hop resin. 6.1% ABV

Its Blursday Again! Hazy IPA

Not sure what day it is? This hazy IPA will help you get through it. Brewed with oats and wheat, this IPA is loaded with Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy hops. Happy blursday…again! 6.5% ABV

Beach Hopppin’ Hoppy Pale Ale

World Beer Cup Gold Medal Winner! Light in color, crisp, low bitterness but has tons of tropical fruit character. Brewed with Sabro, Idaho 7 dry hopped with Sabro, Idaho 7, Citra and Mosaic hops. 5.9% ABV

Single pHin Sour w/ Blueberries

This version of our ruby colored kettle sour has aromas of Sweet Tarts and sour blueberries. Tartness builds on the palate mixed with a hit of of sweet like Sour Patch Kids. 5.9% ABV

Wata Colada Pina Colada Lager

Piña Colada inspired lager. Clocking in at 4.7%, this beer is bursting with juicy pineapple, coconut, and lime. If you’re looking for the nearest beach, it’s here. 4.7% ABV

Trail 6 Belgian Blonde

A clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer with subtle fruit flavors and aromas. Subdued maltiness throughout leads to a pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish. 5.2% ABV

St. Lasuen Belgian Golden Strong

A slightly sweet pale golden ale with a fruity character and bubblegum aroma. A deceivingly dry finish. 7.2% ABV

Reddy Or Not American Red Ale

Brewed with Red X and Special B malts to achieve that “almost-dark-red” red color. Touch of Idaho 7 and Citra hops for a subtle hint of citrus and low bitterness. 5.4% ABV

San O Stout

A dry Stout with hints of roasted malt & chocolate, toasty aroma, topped with a nice tan head. 5.5% ABV

Friar’s Tipple Belgian Tripel

A golden Trappist-style ale packed with spice, clove, and banana aromas. It has a medium body with mild grainy sweetness. It finishes dry with hints of honey and alcohol warmth. 9.5% ABV

Whirlpool Galaxy DIPA

An American Double IPA w/ Galaxy hops on steroids. Packed with juicy passion fruit and citrus notes, complimented by moderate malt backbone. 8.5% ABV

Zoom Juice Hazy DIPA

Zoom Juice is any alcoholic beverage consumed during a Zoom meeting or any other videoconferencing application that helps the participant endure the monotony. Loaded with Mosaic, Amarillo, Zappa & Callista hops. 8.1% ABV

Release The Kraken Imperial Wit

An Imperial Belgian Wit with notes of citrus, spice, and clove. Elevated alcohol provides warmth and balances this beautifully hazy monster from the bottom of the sea. 8.2% ABV

Blackberry Trails Blonde Ale

This fruited version of Trail 6 Belgian Blonde is loaded with Blueberries. Crisp & refreshing like the original. Purple in color with just the right amount of huckleberry tartness. 5.2% ABV

Pico Pils Czech Pilsner

A traditional-style Pilsner, slightly sweet malt character with medium noble hop aroma and flavor. 5.6% ABV

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