TropiClemente IPA

ABV 6.7% / IBUs 66

Prepare your senses for tropical fruit goodness with the Tropiclemente IPA. Packed with mango and passionfruit aromas, this IPA has a complex malt bill and is loaded with mouth awakening American hops. Aloha friends!



How TropiClemente IPA became a local favorite in San Clemente

Our San Clemente namesake beer, TropiClemente IPA, is an easy drinking IPA. One of the original beers brewed at Lost Winds, this quickly became a local favorite. While the West Coast is known for its IPA’s, the south coast has a bit more of a tropical vibe about it. We wanted to mix our passions of beer and the beach into this awesome tropical fruity IPA.

When the sunny beach trip is just not in the cards, let our TropiClemente take you to a sunny day on the beaches of San Clemente. The smoothness of this 6.7% fruity IPA really shines through as if the sun was shining on your face.


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